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Ready to take your Thermomix skills to the next level? Dive into our exclusive cooking classes, food events, and workshops for an enriching culinary experience.
New recipes every week — Delicious ways to discover Thermomix.
Physical & online classes — Anytime, anywhere, at your convenience.
Community access — Mingle with other users and lift each other up.

Exploring Thermomix Cooking

A Journey Through Various Classes

No idea what to cook with your Thermomix? Join us on a culinary adventure with our Thermomix cooking classes, catering to enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you’re new to Thermomix or a seasoned cook, we offer three distinct class categories to meet your culinary interests.

Premium Class (6 hours)

Elevate your skills in our exclusive Premium Class, designed for gastronomes eager to refine their craft. Dive into advanced recipes and techniques led by domestic baker, and savor a sumptuous lunch with a take-home product to showcase your newfound skills.

Mini Class (4 hours)

Experience hands-on learning in our Mini Class, delving deeper into local and international recipes and understanding more on thermomix techniques. Master essential functions and enjoy a satisfying lunch crafted from your culinary creations.

Thermomix Cooking Experience (2 hours)

Discover the world of Thermomix cooking in our engaging Demo Class. Led by experienced instructors, explore its functionalities and culinary possibilities through live demonstrations. Sample delectable creations and ignite your passion for Thermomix cuisine.

FB Guide Online Class

Discover curated online classes on our Facebook Group tailored for busy Thermomix enthusiasts. With topic-based learning, each session offers clear instructional videos and accompanying recipes, providing a rich and convenient learning experience for those with limited time for physical attendance.

Sneak Peek

A glimpse of what you will learn in CooknShare Thermomix Cooking Class.

Why Join Our Cooking Class

We cook, we share, we are CooknShare – Malaysia’s leading Thermomix® group with over 3,000+ members and localised recipes. We don’t just show you how to cook, but we walk you through each ingredient, step, feature, and cooking mode you need to use to create the incredible recipes you can’t find in regular cooking books.

Delicious Ways To Discover Thermomix

From the daily “Masakan Lauk-Pauk Melayu” up to fancy dinner meal ideas; hundreds of delicious recipes for all occasions await every week. Learn new recipes, tips & tricks, and ingredient guides on various cuisines.

Anytime, Anywhere, At Your Convenience

Our cooking classes are conducted in both ways; online and physical class. Want to socialize with new friends? Join our physical class! Too busy with chores? Online will do!

The Power of Community, Connections & Friendships

Never feel alone again cooking in the kitchen! Mingle with other Thermomix users, share interesting stories and lift each other up for motivation. With over 2,000+ community members and growing, CooknShare allows you to build connections and create new friendships with others who share the same passion for cooking as you. Never a dull moment with us.

The Best Thermomix Cooking Class In Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

“It’s so much fun and they always come back for more!” — that is basically how our attendees describe CooknShare’s Cooking Class.

Embark on a culinary journey with our physical baking/cooking classes, tailored for enthusiasts of all levels. Unlock the transformative power of Thermomix cooking and indulge in culinary excellence with us.

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