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Inspiring THERMOMIX cooking classes, food events, workshops, and more.

New recipes every week. Delicious ways to discover THERMOMIX.

Nutritious & delicious. Amazing practices to make meals healthier.

Online/physical events. Anytime, anywhere, at your convenience.

Knowledge & tips. Lovely atmosphere for joyful cooking.

No idea what to cook with your THERMOMIX?

Sure, THERMOMIX is good! She chops, she stirs, and she cooks all by herself. But, if there’s no recipe to cook, what good can she do?

If you are a beginner at cooking or have no ideas on what to serve at the dinner table, finding “new” and “out of the box” recipes every day can be a bit daunting. Though you already have a recipe book subscription, cooking by yourself every day can feel lonely.

CooknShare Cooking Class Inspiring THERMOMIX users with new recipes from veteran Advisors

“It’s so much fun and they always come back for more,” that is basically how our attendees describe CooknShare’s Cooking Class.

We don’t just show you how to cook, but we walk you through each ingredient, step, feature, and cooking mode you need to use to create the incredible recipes you can’t find in regular cooking books. Sometimes, a human touch can help you learn better.

Delicious ways to discover THERMOMIX

From the daily “Masakan Lauk-Pauk Melayu” up to fancy dinner meal ideas; hundreds of delicious recipes for all occasions await every week.

Amazing practices to make meals healthier

Fabulous way to start living a healthy lifestyle with your family. Each meal is nutritious and fully customizable according to your preferred diet.

Anytime, anywhere, at your convenience

This recurring cooking event is done in both ways; online and physical class. Want to socialize with new friends? Join our physical class! Too busy with chores? Online will do!

Lovely atmosphere for joyful cooking

Never feel alone again cooking in the kitchen! Mingle with other THERMOMIX users, share interesting stories and lift each other up for motivation

The Best THERMOMIX Cooking Class In KL

Cooking class that’s worth a million knowledge! Get inspired and learn new recipes from seasoned THERMOMIX® Advisors. Come join us, and learn together for a better us!

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