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All About That Paste.

Assalamualaikum and good day to CooknShare community,

All About That Paste” is more than just an e-book. It’s a solidarity from a group of women, who wanted to make home-made meal possible for everyone. We stand as a cooking community, with recipes that allow us to connect, share and empower each other.

It was just me & DJ in the beginning. It became us, when we had Pija, Aida & Nora to succeed as a Branch. I am so lucky to have dedicated advisors who step up to curate classes and recipes to enable more people to make healthy and delicious meal for their families.

What I love about this community is about how we listen to what’s important. In 2020, we launched a Ramadhan planner to ease meal planning during fasting. In 2021, our Syawal ebook provided impressive yet easy meals to feast on. And now, this is a salutation for all busy women out there, who’s trying to juggle everything! This ebook is a celebration of life, community, and the impact of coming together.

Our hope is that within these pages you will find new inspirations to enjoy in your own homes. These recipes aren’t simply meals, they are stories of us – of a career woman surviving their daily hectic life, of moms, who need alone time for a while, of caregivers to look after their loved ones & many more. Be the one who bring meals together and enjoy those precious moments.

Many great thanks to everyone who made this ebook possible within the CooknShare advisor group. And thanks to you, our community members, for supporting the good work of the CooknShare Community – a community we can call family.

Kartini Karim
Branch Manager of CooknShare (CnS) Branch

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