About Us

From journey of a mommy to chapters of CooknShare

Meet Kartini and Datin Jamaliah, two homemakers united by their passion for culinary arts and baking. Together, they’ve teamed up to offer enriching cooking and baking classes tailored specifically for Thermomix users.

Kartini, a devoted mother of five, discovered her love for baking amidst a successful career in the IT industry.

After 15 years, she chose to prioritize her family, dedicating her time to school programs and nurturing her baking talents. Starting with crafting cakes and desserts for school events, Kartini’s skills soon gained popularity among family and friends, leading her to teach baking classes for children. She further honed her craft by completing various culinary courses and eventually established her own baking classes and cake business from home.

Embracing the world of THERMOMIX®, Kartini transitioned into the role of a Thermomix advisor, conducting demonstrations and classes to empower others to create delicious meals for their families.

Datin Jamaliah‘s culinary journey began in her youth, fueled by a deep-seated passion for Malay cooking.

In 2019, her encounter with the THERMOMIX® Cooking Experience revolutionized her approach to cooking. Entranced by its capabilities, she seamlessly integrated it into her culinary repertoire, simplifying traditional recipes and exploring new flavors with ease.

As a self-taught culinary virtuoso, Datin Jamaliah shares her expertise generously, empowering others to recreate authentic Malay dishes effortlessly.

Together, Kartini and Datin Jamaliah offer a wealth of knowledge and experience, guiding Thermomix users through the art of cooking and baking with simplicity and delight.
Their successful classes and loyal students speak volumes about their commitment to sharing their love for culinary arts with the world.