Our Story

From journey of a mommy to chapters of CooknShare

Journey of a Mommy

Everyone said being a mom is the best gift. But they never said anything about the hustle and bustle behind it…

Hi, I’m Kartini. One important thing you should know about me is that I am a mommy to 5 beautiful children and a wife to a loving husband. Being the backbone of the family, serving hearty family meals has always been my top priority. Just like everyone else, I used to be a working mom from 9 to 6. Though office work may have its perks, I have to confess; in some ways, it had affected my biggest priority—my family.

My friends have always thought I had the perfect family. Always sunshine and rainbows. But, the reality is, my life was almost a mess, that is until I met “her”.

Initially, I was able to juggle between work, baking, and cooking. Even though it was tiring, I somehow could still manage. However, since the addition of smalls teeny ones into the family, I needed to find a better compromise. Something that can help simplify my life. That is when I stumbled upon THERMOMIX®.

It was love at first sight! I have seen “her” a lot walking through my Instagram feed, but meeting “her” in person, I immediately knew I had to invest! “She” does almost everything—she chops, steams, sautes, boils, and many more. I could already imagine how easier my life would be with her on my countertop. It was like having my own personal cook assistant at home, except she needs no holidays and much sleeker in person, haha!

From that day onwards, I immediately grabbed myself a THERMOMIX® and registered as an Advisor. I started sharing about it on social media and began my journey as a one-woman Advisor. Long story short, words have spread to more than close relatives and friends, and now, my small circle has turned into a growing community that gathers over 400+ members all across Malaysia! And we call ourselves, CooknShare…!

You must be thinking, how do I go from a one-woman Advisor to a full-fledge THERMOMIX® brand? Hmmm… More on that, I will pass the story to my partner in crime, DJ…

With love,


Now Make It Two

Hi, DJ here! You must have already read Tini’s story, right? Well, now it is my turn. Before I share with you exactly how CooknShare started, let me bring you back to circa 2019.

My love affair with THERMOMIX® started in February 2019. During that time, it was initially a friend’s idea, Shaz, to join a THERMOMIX® Cooking Experience. But, being a good bestie—I was curious, too—I decided to tag along and see for myself. How can one machine do so many wonders?

The moment I saw the 2-second lemonade recipe, I immediately fell in love. I had already pictured cooking all sorts of delicious recipes every day using ‘her’.

It didn’t take long to convince me to grab one for myself because as soon as the Cooking Experience ended, I secured mine on the spot, but not Shaz! Spoiler, she bought one a year after me, haha! At that time, I was not fully on board yet with becoming an Advisor because it was my first time.

In just two weeks of using THERMOMIX®, I was even more amazed at how much potential ‘she’ holds! During the two weeks, I was able to convert many of my ‘turun-temurun’ heritage recipes easily into ‘one-pot’ recipes using THERMOMIX®. If previously I need to stand in front of the stove for 20 minutes to mix and simmer the dish, now I can just push a single button and let ‘her’ do it for me.

I didn’t stop there. I experimented a lot and even created new recipes. I started to learn how to bake. I made my own homemade bread, which now becomes a weekly tradition, and even sold my burnt cheesecakes with 4k profit in 4 days! Isn’t that amazing?

Seeing how much it had changed my life, I’ve decided to invest in a 2nd unit. I immediately thought of Tini! When she had invited Shaz—and I tagged along—to her Cooking Experience two weeks ago, she asked us, why buy another when we can get a 2nd unit for free? It was my wake-up call. I knew right away I have to make that decision. Hence, fast forward, I become Tini’s first-ever recruit!

And that was how my real THERMOMIX® journey began, in April 2019 as Tini’s first recruit. From there, both of us kickstart CooknShare together… Now, back to you, Tini…

With Love,


We Cook. We Share.

We're CooknShare

We Cook. We Share. We're CooknShare

Both DJ and I share common values. We laugh, we rant, and we never stop sharing how THERMOMIX® makes life in the kitchen quicker, easier, and more enjoyable. We believe moms deserve a break, and we trust everyone, regardless of skills and time, can cook a delicious meal they are proud of. Especially for us, when our family’s plates are squeaky clean on every dinner, that gives us satisfaction.

When we kick off CooknShare, it was never about numbers. It is about how much we can help change people’s lives.

We think everyone has their own bad mom moments. But, if we can help families out there eat ‘air tangan ibu’ every day, our goal is complete. Life is complicated enough, so let’s make cooking effortless.

Since then, we have never stopped soaring! Both Tini and I continued our brand as CooknShare, and who would have thought from Tini’s single social media post, turned into one of Malaysia’s leading THERMOMIX® community?

None of this can happen without the help of our talented members!

From A Mom's Gift

My story with THERMOMIX® started from just a gift. It was a present from my amazing and beautiful mother. My mom’s friend was the mastermind behind the gift, and I can say, it was the best suggestion ever! Ladies and gentlemen, that is how I got my very own smart cooker.

I fell in love with it there and then. For a working mom with three kids, I need to spend time in the kitchen as little as possible.

THERMOMIX®, plus the CooknShare team, I was able to use THERMOMIX® for my daily cookings, not just for some fancy desserts I make once in a while and collect dust most of the time.

When joining Kartini and DJ, I already saw how big CooknShare could be! That is how I suggested CooknShare go digital! Since then, we have created a website, virtual cooking classes, and even conduct online memberships!

With the rest of the CooknShare team, we continued cooking with endless inspiration. From there, we grew even bigger recruited even more new members from all over Malaysia.

Now back to you, Tini…

With love,


So after Jam and I started in 2019, in 2020, these are the people who helped to shaped the team more and more. They provide recipe and get us more into a structured team.

Nora D Zain

Being a medical doctor is hectic and stressful. I needed a hobby and I stumbled across TM6 (by fate!). I fell in love immediately! Since then, I’m an avid recipe “thermomizer”, simplifying traditional recipes. Thanks to CooknShare, I can share my recipes and exchange them with others. We believe we can be more productive if we love to do what we do.

Afiza Halin

What makes me choose CooknShare? Because it’s easy! You cook, you share! No need for special skills. We share tips on how to cook everyday meals but make them easier. If I can bring my loved ones closer through homemade food, relive memories with the family, and pass on traditions through THERMOMIX, then you can too!

Nik Hazlini

We are a group of people who shares the same interest! Just like in its name, we Cook, and we Share. It was never about being the best! It’s about making sure no one misses the boat. From the very basics of cooking to the advanced, we always encourage each other to learn new things. This is why I love CooknShare.

Harlina Salim

There are so many reasons why I love THERMOMIX! One of them is owning my own business! Not only I can cook while making money, but I’m also able to make 5 STAR meals for my family too. May I say killing three birds with one stone? Plus, through CooknShare, I can host cooking classes and build connections with different types of people.