Terms & Conditions

The following Membership Terms and Conditions are entered into by and between you and CooknShare.


CooknShare agrees to provide you with access to the CooknShare Community Membership. As a condition of participating in the Membership, you agree to be bound by all policies and procedures set out in this Agreement.

Payment Plan Authorization

You hereby authorize CooknShare to charge your Bank Account automatically through Bank Transfer according to the terms outlined in the Fees section above.

Cancellation Policy

The Membership is offered on an ongoing basis with a YEARLY subscription basis. You may cancel the subscription at any time of the year by emailing

Cancellation of the subscription must be made at least ONE (1) month before the renewal date. You, however, are still eligible to access the Membership Privileges & Benefits for the current and upcoming month; until the renewal deadline associated with your subscription term.

Termination of Subscription will be completed automatically. You shall not be charged after a cancellation.

Shall you wish to Revoke the Cancellation; it must be made before the end of Your Subscription Term date. Revoking Process within this period shall not be charged with any fee. However, any Renewal after the Termination Date shall be charged with a minimal admin fee.

Subscription Renewal Policy

At the end of each subscription term, shall you want to renew or extend the Community Membership Subscription, the process must be done manually.

Prior to the expiration of the subscription, You shall be provided with notice that explains the terms of expiration of the Membership.

To reactivate the Community Membership subscription, the same actions must be taken as per the initial registration using the same account.

Copyright And Intellectual Property

CooknShare owns and has copyright in all designs, specifications, documents, and software produced in the Site and/or all CooknShare platforms in connection with the Membership provided under these Terms and Conditions.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, CooknShare retains all intellectual property rights, including copyright, patents, registered designs, and all protection of confidential information.

Any Member found compromising CooknShare’s copyright and intellectual property will be banned from all CooknShare platforms and that of its Membership will also be revoked.

Suspension Of Membership Policy

CooknShare reserves the right at any time, for any reason at our sole discretion, to suspend or revoke the Membership of any Member temporarily or permanently should They see negative and/or unjust behaviors or intentions towards the CooknShare community.

Any changes or modifications will be effective promptly. You should be responsible to take action upon receiving Notice from CooknShare.

Effective Date

This Agreement shall commence and be enforceable to each Membership participant upon the date that the participant initially registers for the Membership.