Is THERMOMIX TM6 Worth The Splurge? – 5 Things To Know If THIS “Smart Cooker” Is For You!

by | 22 Nov 2021

Should you buy the new THERMOMIX TM6? What makes THERMOMIX TM6 so unique? Can this “smart cooker” actually make cooking much easier? Is spending RM6,988 worth the investment? Which part of it makes TM6 “smart”? Or is it just another blender that cooks?

Each day, my inbox is full of questions like these. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy replying to each one of them. It shows that my beloved TM6 is starting to pique interest to an even larger audience—including you.

So, to make things easier, I thought it’d be best to just create a blog post about it. You can read it whenever you want, share it with others, and always come back whenever you like.

Without further ado, let’s cover each one of your most frequently asked questions about THERMOMIX, and let’s get started!

Time-Saver (Literally!) for Busy or Distracted People

THERMOMIX TM6 is all about set-and-forget cooking. It’s what makes many, including myself, fall head over heels with it. The fact that you can just ‘campak-campak’ the ingredients inside the pot, set the timer, and go about your day; is just purely wonderful!

You will have much lesser time voluntarily in the kitchen. You’ll love how much this compact machine can easily extend your capacity to finish off multiple tasks at one time. THERMOMIX TM6 encourages you to be time-efficient without sacrificing the need to prepare good and nutritious food at the dinner table.

Flawless Meals Each Time

When you are time-poor, it is always easy to just resort to frozen or fast food. I mean, no hate here, but if you are single, there should be no problem, as long as you know when to stop. But, if you have a husband and children to feed, heating up 15-mins pizza in the microwave for three dinners straight is not it, Sis.

THERMOMIX TM6 is so easy to use! It stirs, blends, and cooks at the same time; with a precise heating system and accurate timer. Meaning, once you’ve tossed in your ingredients and set its timer and cooking mode, you will be guaranteed to have the most scrumptious food for the family. No burning, no overcooking! Simply perfection

Cook, Bake, Steam, Simmer (and more!) in One Pot!

If you are an avid baker—with THERMOMIX—you can easily whip up something fresh every day! Personally, I have certainly become a more active baker since buying a THERMOMIX. It’s the small things that can make everything so much faster. For example, I can straight away whip up my cookie or cake batter even with cold butter. And its kneading function, I tell you, is beyond excellent!

To be frank, I love how adventurous and creative I get with THERMOMIX. Sometimes, it can be disheartening when you fail at making something new, even with the same ingredient, instruction, and recipe. But, I noticed, THERMOMIX never failed me! Starting from THERMOMIX-exclusive recipes, to cooking ‘lauk-pauk Melayu’, and now converting ‘resipi turun-temurun’ into THERMOMIX-friendly recipes, I am now very confident with my cooking skills.

The Investment that Saves You Money!

One major thing about THERMOMIX that far too many people often label as a drawback is its price point. Yes, sure, it is an expensive investment. But, once you buy it, it stays there for life! It’s like your own personal cook helper that never needs a day off. Cook whenever you want, ‘she’ will always be ready to lend ‘her’ hand.

Let’s look at it like this. The majority of my buyers are mostly busy individuals; full-time at-home mothers, individuals who work on shifts, career women who barely have time for themselves, and young parents. Before THERMOMIX, they have no time to cook, hence buying takeaways from restaurants three times a day. If each meal costs RM30, this sums up to RM90 per day, aka RM630 per week! That’s crazy expensive!

However, with THERMOMIX, they can save up a lot! On normal days, they can easily cook with less active time in the kitchen and spare the rest of the money on special occasions. One kind buyer actually messaged me, saying she was able to sponsor for her parents’ Hajj only by saving up on food with THERMOMIX! Isn’t that lovely?

A Plus of Nutrition (Moms Love This!)

If you’ve ever struggled to get your kids to eat their veggies, you are not alone! I have 5 beautiful children, yet not one inherits the love for greens like me. Each time I cook dinner, I will always be the only one with shades of green on their plates. Others will be filled with fried chicken and sambal. I’m blaming his Dad for this, haha!

However, on certain days I wish to incorporate hidden veggies in their meals, THERMOMIX is the best partner in crime! It’s such a fun thing to do, sneaking vegetables into meals. With its powerful set of blades, it can pulverize carrots, celeries, broccolis, and more in a matter of seconds! Then, I’d add them into my pasta sauces, soups, and even ‘kuah’ for an extra pump of nutrition.

So, to answer your question, YES, THERMOMIX TM6 is worth the splurge! Truthfully, the five things I’ve highlighted in this post are just the tip of the iceberg. Beyond that, you will get many more added benefits from the machine herself, THERMOMIX Malaysia, and even from the community.

For example, in my community—CooknShare—the members will enjoy fun activities such as Cooking Show, hosted by CnS THERMOMIX Advisors weekly. This is where members exchange recipes and teach each other how to cook with THERMOMIX. The best recipe I got from a dear CnS Advisor was her Grandma’s Special Rendang Kerang.

The recipe was so lovely and easy (with THERMOMIX, of course!) that each Hari Raya, I’d make it for my family. I can say, cooking with CooknShare, you can experiment with so many new recipes that are both beginners and expert-friendly

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