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Unlimited lifetime access to 100+ CooknShare Exclusive Malaysian Food THERMOMIX recipes. Combined with 50+ recipes cooking videos, this vault is perfect for beginner and seasoned chefs.

Recipes include
Masakan lauk Melayu
Baba Nyonya cuisine
Masakan Tradisi Melayu
Halal fusion food
Healthy & vegan recipes
Many more!

Surprise your family with good scrumptious food every day!

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Seasonal recipes are no longer a chore! Masakan Hari Raya, Ramadhan recipes, and other festive-inspired cookeries can be a lot easier, healthier, tastier, and less messy-er!

Hari Raya Collection
30-Days Ramadhan Collection
One-Pot THERMOMIX Collection
And more coming!

Making festive and seasonal season more fun with family and friends!

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Gain full access to 20+ never-seen-before Advisors Vault content to accelerate your success as a THERMOMIX Advisor. Tip, tricks, guides, and manuals to make your process extra smooth.

How to Sell
How to Recruit
Advisor’s Journey
New Advisors Earning Program (NAEP)

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I can say that this community is super awesome. Their sharings are endless. I will definitely recommend CooknShare to others, their customer service travels a long wayyyyyy!

Wan Noraisyah
Teacher & Mother of Four

I definitely recommend you to join this community. Take it as a bible for cooking methodology besides endless recipes!

IT Consultant

I’m happy that i have chosen the right advisor first to purchase my Thermomix. This is because is important for your advisor to be someone who has a community of her own so that u are able to learn so much from all of them there. There are so much being shared in this community that learning was easy peasy. My experience was incredibly smooth with tm6 from using to cooking any dish now. All these are because of the best advisor and community that my advisor has with her.

Full-time Housewife

CooknShare is a community is of inspiration, led by caring and creative advisors.  Countless tips and recipes shared by enthusiastic users. Of course I will recommend CooknShare to others!

Stay-at-home mom with 2 children

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