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We Want You To Have Fun Doing The Things You Love

The truth is, cooking can be mundane. If you cook daily, you know how repetitive it can get, right? At first, you can still find ways to make things fun. Try new recipes, buy new cookbooks, find inspiration through the web, and others. But do you find yourself still hungry for life in the kitchen?

Cooking from scratch can be much easier than you think, especially Malaysian dishes and local cuisines. Books can only teach you, but to demonstrate, you need a proper guider! Sadly, most at-home cooks began losing motivation when they don’t have support. Slowly, cooking will start becoming a chore and a burden.

That’s why we want you to join us in this big cooking community! Join classes, virtual tutorial sessions, and more! Learn, share, and improve together! Feels like cooking with a friend!

Make Money From Home Too!

If you have been cooking at home for the majority of your lifetime, or simply just a foodie, CooknShare is the perfect channel to turn that into a money-making hobby!

Join us as a THERMOMIX® Advisor and create a side income while doing the things you love! Host cooking classes, publish recipes, spread the words about THERMOMIX®, and more! The best thing is, we will guide you!

The Fun Things Don’t Stop There!
Here Are More Benefits Awaits

You won’t just have a new family to support your passion. When you join the CooknShare community, you are part of Malaysia’s biggest and growing THERMOMIX® Community & Advisor Team! Exclusive member benefits include…


Gain access, share, and publish your own recipes on CooknShare website.


Join hundreds of exclusive cooking classes, virtual tutorials, recipe testings, and more!

Collaborate with experienced THERMOMIX® Advisors to host your own cooking class.
Learn real-life tips from real moms, house-husbands, and other CooknShare community members.
MCO-Friendly, host or join classes at the comfort of your home.
Get exclusive insights on quality ingredients, price, locations, and more.

Real Stories From Our Community

Don’t just take our word for it, read it from them.

I can say that this community is super awesome. Their sharings are endless. I will definitely recommend CooknShare to others, their customer service travels a long wayyyyyy!

Wan Noraisyah
Teacher & Mother of Four

I definitely recommend you to join this community. Take it as a bible for cooking methodology besides endless recipes!

IT Consultant

I’m happy that i have chosen the right advisor first to purchase my Thermomix. This is because is important for your advisor to be someone who has a community of her own so that u are able to learn so much from all of them there. There are so much being shared in this community that learning was easy peasy. My experience was incredibly smooth with tm6 from using to cooking any dish now. All these are because of the best advisor and community that my advisor has with her.

Full-time Housewife

CooknShare is a community is of inspiration, led by caring and creative advisors.  Countless tips and recipes shared by enthusiastic users. Of course I will recommend CooknShare to others!

Stay-at-home mom with 2 children

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To get started, kindly fill in the details down below and we will assist you from there.
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