Loving Thermomix

How to make Thermomix a life changer for you

Love at First 10 Days

Love it before selling it! That is how we have been doing it

Step 1

Login to Club


Obtain Advisor ID from “Profile” section: Club Thermomix

Step 2

Save contact


Save contact 018 361 4178 to receive news and updates from HQ

Step 3

Send first


Send to THERMIE “Hi. Please add me. My name & Advisors ID are…”

Step 4

Access FB


Request access to FB Group TrueMix Active Advisor

Step 5

Advisor Handbook


Download and Read Advisor Handbook

Step 6

Login to MIS page


Login and change your password:
Advisor MIS:
Please try either 4 combinations
Advisor ID:
IC No without dash “-”; or email
Default password:
12345678 or 1111

Step 7

Join CooknShare
Advisor Support


Join CooknShare NAEP Fun Group
CooknShare Advisor Info Channel
FB Group:
CooknShare Advisor FB Group

Step 8

Join CooknShare
Customer Groups


Whatsapp CnS Family (Prospect only): Get Team Manager to add
2 Telegram Groups (CnS Discussion; CnS Recipes):
Get Team Manager to add
FB Group:
CooknShare Community FB Group