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Interested in exploring THERMOMIX® on your own? Why not rent it for trial? Or perhaps you would like to use it just for an event? Sure can too! Just fill out the form below and book your slot. Get the full THERMOMIX® cooking experience without having to splash your money.

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The True All-in-one Kitchen Appliance, Now Available For Rental

With more than 20 functions, THERMOMIX® replaces over 25 appliances in your kitchen. Food processor, saute pan, bread kneader, kettle, chopper, and more. Sleek, compact, smart — its the world’s #1 most versatile kitchen appliance.

Imagine having an extra set of hands while cooking — just toss in all the ingredients, and it will do its job. No splatter, no mess, and surprisingly makes your meals better!

High Temperature

Never need to adjust the heat. THERMOMIX® does it for you! Whether you are cooking meat, vegetables, caramel, or toffee, it cooks at optimal temperature.


This unique feature allows you to vacuum cook meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits for up to 12 hours for the juiciest and tenderest results!


Make yogurts, kimchi, and homemade bread at home! THERMOMIX® ferments the ingredients at the most accurate temperature & environment.

Slow Cooking

THERMOMIX® makes an ideal tool to cook stews, casseroles, soups, and other dishes that asks for tender meats. Cook up 8 hours and you will end up with delicious hot meals.

Warm-Up Mode

Reheating leftovers are now made even easier. No matter what it is, simply toss it into THERMOMIX® and it will work its wonder. Leftovers now are fresh as new!

Egg Boiler Mode

There is no need to set a timer again when boiling eggs. THERMOMIX® has a separate cooking mode that ensures you with the perfect boiled egg every time.

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Rental Terms & Conditions


To pay a deposit of RM500 upon booking (RM100 to be made immediately to secure your booking slot, RM400 to be made on the arrival of equipment at your kitchen).

To pay in full rental fee upon arrival.
To provide a copy of IC for rental verification purpose (softcopy/hardcopy).
Deposit will be returned upon collection (prior to the condition of returned thermomix)
CooknShare advisor will advise you throughout the rental period.
Rental fee will be refunded if you end up buy Thermomix with CooknShare!