“Effortless, Quick & Flavorful” – 5 EASY Kids Meal Prep Ideas For To Make For Busy Weekdays Using THERMOMIX TM6

by | 4 Jul 2022

Most favorite collections of simple & healthy Malaysian-style THERMOMIX recipes for kids!

Being a parent is not an easy task, especially when we have a—or more—small ones going to school at the same time. Basically, not only do we have to juggle hands getting prepared for our own day, but we also have to make our kids ready for school. And sometimes, we may or may have not forgotten about breakfast. Oops, guilty!

But, we’re here to save your day! If you have the latest THERMOMIX TM6 in your kitchen, then this easy back-to-school freezer-friendly Malaysian meal prep recipe will make your weekdays a lot more manageable.

Let’s learn how to make delicious nutritious Malaysian-style breakfasts for kids with us! Here are some of our favorites!

4-Ingredients Scones — Simple breakfast for on the go!

A very quick and effortless breakfast snack to put together with a THERMOMIX. These dangerously easy yet tasty scones are freezer-friendly and go very well with so many toppings. Make them in large batches, toss them in the freezer (lasts for a couple of weeks), re-bake them in the oven for 5-10 minutes in the morning, then serve them with jam, creams, or any sweet marmalades. Your kids will love it!

Roti Paung Lembut — Serve with curry, kaya or sambal for the best “Rasa Melayu”

Roti can never go wrong in the morning. It is easy to make, easy to eat, and definitely easy to mix & match with any leftover dinners. Unlike other Roti, Roti Paung is very soft & pillowy, making them the perfect dipping breakfast for warm and savory Kuah (gravies), such as chicken curry, sambal, and sardines! On a good note, you can too make these gravies with THERMOMIX! Talk about convenience!

THERMOMIX Banana Bread — Easy, filling, and packed with nutrition!

Your kids are not fans of savory breakfast? Then THERMOMIX Banana Bread is the perfect solution! The combination of hearty carbs with the sweet banana flavor will definitely help your kids stay full, energized, and focused throughout the school. Make them during the weekends, and you’re good to go for the next couple of breakfasts. Plus, you can also pack them alongside fruits and nuts for their Bekal Sekolah (school meal boxes!

Nasi Goreng Kampung — “Messy-less” good morning dish when you have extra time.

If your family is a fan of full breakfasts, then the “OG” Nasi Goreng Kampung will definitely be your go-to with THERMOMIX TM6. Unlike cooking with a wok/pan, THERMOMIX TM6 doesn’t smoke up your kitchen too much. And its automated cooking feature allows you to juggle two things together without worrying about any splatters or chars. Prepare the ingredients beforehand and enjoy a delicious warm breakfast with your family in just minutes.

Macaroni Bakar — Hearty 2-in-1 breakfast & Bekal Sekolah meals.

Baked Macaroni is definitely one of the most requested recipes among us THERMOMIX lovers. Not only they are simply delicious, but the warm gooey cheese with the soft pillowy macaroni will also always make the kids look forward to breakfast. Many of our ‘parents’ THERMOMIX users love to sneak in veggies inside the macaroni by blending in carrots, spinach, mushroom, red/green/yellow peppers, and broccoli with the sauce.

So much more you can do with THERMOMIX!

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