Ginger Power Personali-Tea

by | 26 Feb 2024



Ginger Power Personali-Tea

Inspired by Auntie Z by Fiza.cooks
Portion: 4 big glasses, 8 small chain glasses
Total time: 15mins


70g ginger with personality- cut into pieces
1000 g water
4 tea bags (black tea)
1/2 tsp ground blackpepper
40 g sugar (or agave),adjust to taste
150g fresh milk


1. Place ginger into mixing bowl, Turbo 2s.
2. Add water, tea bags, blackpepper, sugar, milk & salt, cook 12mins/98c/speed 1
Pour & strain into a jug. Serve hot.

1. This recipe uses 1 tea bag for each 250g water. Adjust tea bag amount to suit water amount
2. Each tea bag can be substituted with 1 tsp of loose tea leaves – adjust to preference
3. When cooking with dairy, use temperature less than 100C as it can boil over.


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