“Moms Can’t Get Enough Of It!” – 5 BEST Reasons Why The Latest THERMOMIX TM6 Is Malaysian Moms’ Favorite!

by | 25 Aug 2022

“So far, I haven’t touched any wok or pan unless I want to cook for majlis besar-besar.”

3 years ago, cooking was daunting. Not because I didn’t want to cook, but rather because of the cleanup I needed to do afterward. Of course, every working mom just wants to relax after a long day at the office, but cooking pots and pans to prepare meals, cleaning, and tidying up is a sport in itself.

But, with Thermomix, everything is made simple and seamless. Even if you have no prior cooking experience, your chances of preparing a successful meal for your family are 98%. If you are already a daily cook, I can guarantee you that 99.9% of the time, your family will be amazed at your cooking, even on new recipes you’ve never tried.

This is tried and tested from real reviews of our own CooknShare community. So, what makes Thermomix the #1 cooking device for Malaysian moms? Well, here is some real feedback…

“ONE, it looks small, but can cook EVERYTHING I want!”

TOO MANY started buying Thermomix when they saw how Thermomix was able to withstand all kinds of foods and recipes. Unlike other devices that can only blend or steam exclusively, this little “smart cooking robot” can actually cook for you from start to end. You toss in the ingredients, click some buttons, and voila, at the end of the day, you are served immaculate meals each time. And even if you have used the machine for 3 years, like me, Thermomix can’t stop impressing me with what it can do. Until today, I still discover new things! Talk about the best investment!

“TWO, it gives you extra free time, even on days you don’t have any…”

Believe it or not, Thermomix has been a lifesaver for many Malaysian working moms. Being one myself, before I quit my job and devoted myself entirely to CooknShare, I understand the struggle of juggling between free time, house chores, breakfast & dinners, and the kids. Every day, 2 hands and 2 feet are never enough. But with this “smart cooking robot,” you can literally do two, or even three, things at once! “Serious? The food won’t burn mehh..?” Well, because Thermomix is a “set time, click the button, and auto-cook” kind of cooking device, you don’t have to worry anymore. Let’s say if you want to do the laundry and want to saute the ‘fragrances’, you can just the timer, let it cook, and do your things. It will automatically stop when the time ends.

“THREE, walls bersih jee… No more percik minyak!”

We Malays, we looooovveee spicy food, right? And one hassle about cooking spicy food is the oil splatters you get when cooking up the chili paste. Not only does it make a mess on your walls, kitchen tops, and your shirts, but the smell can make the entire house sneeze. I always felt bad for my small ones when I cook spices because they will be sneezing non-stop. But with Thermomix, your cooking is always covered with a lid. So no more splatters, no more lingering “sneeze-provoking” aromas, and no more smelly shirts.

“FOUR, it auto washes… literally!”

The fourth reason is everyone’s favorite! Thermomix has this function where it can wash by itself. Simply put some dishwashing liquid inside the bowl, let it swirl on its own, and tadaaah, squeaky clean bowl, ready for the next use. Taking effortless cleaning to the next level.

“LAST, it removes all the hassle & motivates me to cook every day”

One thing many love about Thermomix is how it brings the desire to share my cooking with others. Even though it is just a machine, a non-living device that sits on the countertop all day and all night with no rest, it made many mothers fall in love with cooking, especially when cooking for large families. It lessens your active cooking time and also brings a topic of interest to talk about with friends and families. Indirectly, it motivates you to cook better every day. That is why I believe each household needs ONE Thermomix.

There is a lot more reason why Malaysian moms started changing to Thermomix. Interested in knowing more about Thermomix or interested in becoming an advisor too?

Come let’s talk, and we’ll do some catching up soon.

Till then, stay happy.

Founder of CooknShare