Tastier Foods. Less Cooking Time. Cleaner Kitchen.

Welcome to the world of effortless cooking with THERMOMIX® — where daily cooking is no longer a chore!

Are you struggling with making dishes at home?

  • Looking for a secret to make your cooking better each time?
  • Unable to juggle two things at once while cooking?
  • Too many kitchen appliances to store & clean?

Either you’re a busy mom or working professionals, many are struggling with this too, but rest assured, you’re not alone and we’re here to help you.


The real answer is, why not? It has everything you asked for, and more!

Multitask As You Cook

THERMOMIX® helps you multitask as you cook. With its new automated functions, guided cooking, and pre-cleaning mode, it gives you the liberty to save time & prioritize the things you love.

Recreate Restaurant Meals

Recreate your favorite restaurant meals at home! Saves you money, and allows you to customize the recipe. Make it healthier or tastier! Do however you like it.

Space Saving Kitchen

The days of cluttered kitchen are over! Now, it’s all about convenience, minimalism, and efficiency. Why have several separate appliances when you can have ONE that does it all?

Be Your Own Chef

Be your own chef by discovering new techniques and recipes to create restaurant-quality dishes with Sous Vide, Fermentation, Slow Cooking, and High Temperature modes.

Explore New Recipes

Explore new recipes every day with Cookidoo directly from the screen of your THERMOMIX®. Take a journey around the globe and experience different cultures through foods.

Eat Healthy

It is nice to know what you are putting inside your food. Whether you are following a certain diet or simply want to eat healthier, THERMOMIX® can help you on your journey.

Who Should have THERMOMIX®?

It is for everyone! It is life saver, and definitely a time saver! It is easy to use that you will find yourself using it every day!

Busy Moms & Parents

When you are busy juggling too many things at hand, isn’t it nice to have something compact and efficient? THERMOMIX® is designed to live on your countertop and with a flick of a switch, it’s ready to go!

Working Professionals

After a long day at work, all we want to do is lay in bed and hoping that our chores will magically get themselves done, right? THERMOMIX® is set-and-forget with a timer! So now cooking can be less of a chore!

Food-Specific Diets

It is tough to customize your foods when you eat take-outs. Most of the time, healthy options tend to be more expensive. With THERMOMIX®, you can cook everything from scratch. Add or remove ingredients as you like!

Health & Fitness Goers

Add a plus for nutrition to your meal by taking control of the ingredients you put into your food. THERMOMIX® makes life easier by lifting the concerns for added calories and additives when you can cook fresh & clean each time!

Works Like Magic

From meal prep to cleaning, THERMOMIX® promises many cooking modes that make your cooking seems and feels effortless.

High Temperature

Never need to adjust the heat. THERMOMIX® does it for you! Whether you are cooking meat, vegetables, caramel, or toffee, it cooks at optimal temperature.


This unique feature allows you to vacuum cook meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits for up to 12 hours for the juiciest and tenderest results!


Make yogurts, kimchi, and homemade bread at home! THERMOMIX® ferments the ingredients at the most accurate temperature & environment.

Slow Cooking

THERMOMIX® makes an ideal tool to cook stews, casseroles, soups, and other dishes that asks for tender meats. Cook up 8 hours and you will end up with delicious hot meals.

Warm-Up Mode

Reheating leftovers are now made even easier. No matter what it is, simply toss it into THERMOMIX® and it will work its wonder. Leftovers now are fresh as new!

Egg Boiler Mode

There is no need to set a timer again when boiling eggs. THERMOMIX® has a separate cooking mode that ensures you with the perfect boiled egg every time.

The True All-In-One Appliance

Sleek, compact, smart, and the world’s number one most versatile kitchen appliance.

With more than 20 functions, THERMOMIX® replaces over 25 appliances in your kitchen—food processor, saute pan, bread kneader, kettle, chopper, and more. The true all-in-one appliance.

Imagine making Chicken Rendang! Just toss in all the ingredients, and it will do its job. Saute and cook the rest of it straight in the THERMOMIX®! No splatter, no mess, and surprising makes your Chicken Rendang better!

Why Buy From CooknShare?

Purchasing THERMOMIX® from CooknShare is a game changer! We are Malaysia’s leading THERMOMIX® group and when you purchase through us, you will get the extra benefits of a community to support you along the way!

100% Customer Support Satisfaction

Once you have purchased from CooknShare, a THERMOMIX® Advisor will help you get started. Get personal unboxing sessions, cooking guides & manual, exclusive recipes, and after-sales support.

Exclusive Cooking Classes & Guides

Join cooking classes and sessions on various cuisines. Learn new recipes, tips & tricks, and ingredient guides at the comfort of your home! You can even have a chance to host your own cooking class and share your recipe!

Build Connections & New Friendships

With over 500 community members and growing, CooknShare allows you to build connections and create new friendships with others who share the same passion for cooking as you. Never a dull moment with us.

And that's not all... Get this special deals when you purchase a Thermomix from CooknShare today!

1. FREE extra 3 months warranty (RM360)
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a) Thermoserver 2.0L + Yoghurt jars (RM440) via full payment cash
b) Thermomat (RM190) via full payment credit/debit card
c) Thermomat & Cookbook (RM350) if you pay using EPP CIMB
4. FREE Delivery & Unboxing service worth RM300+
5. FREE Ebooks from CooknShare Team & Thermomix libraries
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7. EXCLUSIVE community & weekly cooking classes with CooknShare Team

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Cooking authentic Malaysian delicacies now made easier, better and healthier.

All day recipes, made for Malaysian tastes. With THERMOMIX® smart cooking feature, you can now cook your favourite dishes with less of a hassle while at the same time multitask doing other things you love.

Real Stories From Our Community

CooknShare has transformed the lives of many with THERMOMIX®. Don’t just take our word for it, read it from them.

I’m a teacher by training, currently on secondment at Bahagian Pendidikan Masyarakat, MACC. I’m a mother of four grown-up children. Been using Thermomix since Jul 2018, at least once a day. What I like most about Thermomix? That I can cook my sambal, mushroom soup, bechamel sauce, my malay kuehs, puddings effortlessly. It’s really a game changer in the kitchen. You have to know it to love it, to not live without it. Yes, it’s a bit pricey, but nothing good comes without a sacrifice.

Plus with CooknShare, I can say that this community is super awesome. Their sharings are endless. I will definitely recommend CooknShare to others, their customer service travels a long wayyyyyy!

Wan Noraisyah
Teacher & Mother of Four

I’m an IT Consultant with a lovely wife and two cheeky girls at home whom love cooking and quite a food critics. Thermomix has been part of the family for half a year now, and pretty much fully utilised on daily basis if not every 2-3 days. Made us became more experimental especially involving baking and pastries works. I can’t say it fully changed us into practicing healthy lifestyle especially the outcome of TMX on the weekend involves cakes and desserts, but it does help us for ideas to decide for our next meals, and not to mention how it efficiently managing our kitchen chores. It saves our time in the kitchen be it during cooking or even after cooking, especially when we no longer need additional bowls or plates for kitchen prep!

With regards to CooknShare, I will definitely recommend you to join this community. Take it as a bible for cooking methodology besides endless recipes!

IT Consultant

I’ve been using Thermomix for 6 months now. I use it everyday for all my meals, desserts, and drinks. It has helped me ease my work on preping, cooking and cleaning up by 90%. Also, it has made my whole family healthier. We seldom eat out nowadays. As such, it has made us healthier as we cook and eat the food we cook, we know what we put in (healthy ingredients). Its an appliance that serves as everything in one. I dont need to use other appliances for cooking anymore. Hence, washing and cleaning up is so easy. No splashes, and dirty oily kitchen. Hassle free, no oily and dirty kitchen anymore.

I’m happy that i have chosen the right advisor first to purchase my Thermomix. This is because is important for your advisor to be someone who has a community of her own so that u are able to learn so much from all of them there. There are so much being shared in this community that learning was easy peasy. My experience was incredibly smooth with tm6 from using to cooking any dish now. All these are because of the best advisor and community that my advisor has with her.

Full-time Housewife

I’m a full-time working mom of 3 small kids. Currently, 2 days in office and 3 days work from home. Thermomix enables me to cook while I’m working or attending a zoom meeting at home with no mess in the floor and wall, and that has been the turning point for me. Been using Thermomix for about 7 months now. I have been cooking daily for weekdays since it is faster to get a proper n healthy meal ready. I baked my own buns and also try making own desserts. I cooked all my vege with really nice taste and very fast. Also with preclean mode, easy to wash and less effort. Cooking with Thermomix is fast, easy and healthy.

Full-time working mom of 3 small kids

I’m a stay-at-home mom with two children, one sitting for SPM this year and the other completing his A-Levels. A small family but when comes to dining, each has their own preferred palate. Thermomix came into our life in March 2020. The timing was perfect as it was a mere week before MCO began. To date, I’m an active and adventurous user. My children highly enjoy the wider variety of cuisines easily found on Cookidoo and my husband also looks forward to my experimentation with different recipes. Most importantly, he says my dishes taste consistently delicious. My cooking world before Thermomix, was a huge chore. It was a much larger affair which required me to be on my feet for hours on end. It demanded so much more planning beforehand, sometimes even a few days worth. Now with Thermomix, impromptu meals are no longer an issue.

What can I say about Cooknshare? Its a community is of inspiration, led by caring and creative advisors.  Countless tips and recipes shared by enthusiastic users. Of course I will recommend CooknShare to others!

Stay-at-home mom with 2 children

I’m a homemaker with 6 people in my house. Have had the thermomix for 6 months now. Use it abt 4-5 times a week. How has TM changed me and my lifestyle? Kids have freshly baked bread at home. I’m baking and cooking food that I wld not have tried without the TM. It’s a convenient kitchen tool that takes the fuss out of cooking.

Chow Hung Lan

I started cooking at the age of 57 during the MCO. Cooking was never my interest all these years. However the digital cooking which incorporated in Thermomix captured my interest. I could relate to Thermomix since my day job uses precise algorithm as in all digital industries. Thermomix is all about precision and tested recipes.

Dr Kamsiah G Haider
Dental Surgeon

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Smart technology comes with smart plans. Worry no more as there are various plans available to ensure you get your THERMOMIX® with ease. 

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