READ BEFORE BUY! – Major 6 Pros And ‘Cons’ You SHOULD Know About THERMOMIX TM6 (Spoiler; All Of Them Are Pros!)

by | 12 Jul 2022

Thermomix TM6 – “a versatile appliance that helps you master even the most advanced cooking techniques.”

My beloved Thermomix TM6 is useful for a lot of things. Before discovering ‘her’, I was a wok and pan kind of girl. Each day, I would spend at least 1 hour and 30 minutes in the kitchen to get everything done, from prepping, cooking, cleaning, and serving, for each meal. That adds up to almost 4-5 hours per day, spent on routine cooking. Back then, I thought it was the norm until a friend introduced me to ‘her’.

It was love at first sight. Immediately, my husband and I decided to bring this ‘bad girl’ back home. At first, we thought ‘she’ could only help with cooking. Little did we know, ‘she’ has made my life a lot easier and much less stressful when serving delicious healthy meals to my family.

So, if you are planning on buying or gifting Thermomix TM6 for yourself, or a family member, here I’ve compiled my personal top 6 pros and pros of having this personal robot cooking assistant in my kitchen.

Better time management with freezer-friendly meal preps.

The first thing I love about cooking with TM6 is that most of its recipes can be stored in the freezer throughout the week. Considering I am a busy mom with several active and growing children, it is always good for me to cook meals in large batches and store them in the freezer. If I’m cooking Kari Ayam, Daging Masak Hitam, or Bubur Kacang, I can easily freeze and serve them hot and fresh any time of the week! TM6 cooks with a precise heat system that allows the meals to stay fresh and delicious a lot longer. By doing this, I can save up ‘active cooking’ time and use that for finishing up other chores like laundry, cleaning, or even gardening.

Saves money in the long run!

Ever since I have TM6 in the house, we rarely ‘tapao’ food from outside. Before this, whenever both my husband and I were feeling tired or stretched too thin, we would always opt to order food delivery or order takeaways, and worst, cook instant frozen meals from the supermarket. Though they can be a time-saver, they are definitely not saving our bank accounts. Each month, we would find our food expenses keep on getting bigger and bigger! So, we thought we needed a change. And I can confidently say, TM6 has saved us at least RM300 on food per month!

Makes healthy cooking less daunting.

Following the previous point, cooking healthy (and scrumptious!) meals with Thermomix TM6 is very easy! Thanks to its smart cooking features, you can cook everything with no problem. Before this, you may need to use two pans and two extra pots to cook a single meal, but with TM6, you just use the one-pot it has to do everything! Talk about convenience! Fewer pots to clean and definitely less hassle.

Learn new recipes easily with step-by-step instructions.

Thermomix TM6 can connect to your wifi, which means you can explore the endless recipes through its built-in touchscreen. With the recipes, you will be guided through instruction per instruction and ingredient per ingredient. So, even if you are trying out a new recipe for the first time, your family won’t even notice! Because each meal will come out delicious and authentic tasting!

No burn, no char; automated cooking!
As a busy mom, I get it, we can’t get any peace even in the kitchen. There will always be “Mom, this!” and “Mom, that!”. They are my kids, and I am happy they always come to me when they need help. But, I can’t deny that there have been multiple unfortunate events of “Oops, Ayah! I burnt our dinner… again”, which always resulted in us ordering food deliveries or dining out. But, with that consequences, we had to add up our food expenses. Now with TM6, I can just “campak” the ingredients in, leave it to cook on its own and juggle other things at once without worrying about dinner.

Easy cleaning! No spills, no splatters!

Nothing cooks cleaner that TM6, trust me! ‘She’ comes with a pot complete with a lid, so when ‘she’ cooks, you just close the lid and let it simmer away. When ‘she’ beeps, you just open the lid, toss in the next ingredients, and repeat! So, at the end of the day, you’ll be left with one hot delicious meal, and only one pot to clean. Now, that is a smart device!

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